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Campobello Island

Drive over the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Bridge to Campobello Island. The Canadian Border officer on duty will merely checked passports and wave you onto the island. Campobello Island was where people with the kind of wealth that the Roosevelt’s had had spent their summers. With commendable understatement, they labeled their multi-story homes “cottages.” Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt had one, as did Franklin’s mother, although hers had been torn down years earlier. Just seeing the plot of land on which it had stood, with its view of the water, was impressive enough. The island, in Passamaquoddy Bay across from Lubec, Maine, is surprisingly small, roughly eight miles long and around three miles wide. The homes were beautifully preserved, as befitted a place important to both Canada and the U.S. Explore the area of the preserved homes down toward the bridge connecting the island to Lubec. Viewed from the Canadian side, the town looks like a postcard, with a busy little harbor, a lighthouse and homes built on the sides of a small hill that was peaked with a church steeple.