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Cap's On the Water

The location is very interesting. You can either pull up in your boat or drive there. Your choice. The bread with the sun dried tomato butter is beyond amazing. Just don't fill up on it!!! It's hard not to. The she crab soup is something to behold and I don't even like crab. It's sweet and rich with just enough sex to make your mouth salivate onto your dinning companions. The walnut encrusted chicken blew my socks right off. It was juicy and tender. The sauce mixed with the crunch of the walnuts was a perfect combination. Although, the sides that were offered on the menu is not what I received the waitress did get me what I wanted at no charge. The fried flounder was cooked to a perfect golden brown. By the way my friend was digging in I can say it was amazing. Everything about our food was fantastic. The only thing that was bad was the service. Our waitress never offered or asked anything. We had to wait for her and tell her what we wanted. All in all, I would go back for sure to try more and more dishes.