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The city lies on the north bank of the Aroostook River, a tributary of the St. John. It was once a busy shipping hub for potatoes until sometime in the 1960s. Today, the town is still a major producer of potatoes and has expanded its agricultural repertoire to include broccoli. Visit the Nylander Museum, the Caribou Historical Society and the Aroostook NWR and see some moose! Collins Pond is pretty, with secluded walking trails. Around a corner from it on South Main Street I came is Lydon Park. The park is festooned with early spring blooms of flowers . A small stream rushes noisily through the park. The sound of it is very soothing and even managed to drown out the sounds of traffic on South Main. In the center of the park is a statue of a little girl, watering flowers from a watering can. The park was the site of the original grist mill that had serviced the entire town. O. P. Pierson, inventor of the frozen French fry – this certainly must come as news to the French – was a native of the town. His wife, Frances, was the benefactor who created the landscaping for the park for Caribou residents to enjoy.