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Casco Bay Lines

It's nothing fancy, folks. You won't get served drinks and h'orderves, or have a tour guide telling you about all the historical spots that you are passing on the nearby islands, but it will get you around the bay and back (and you do get a map showing you where these historical spots are). For fifteen dollars you can go on the Sunset cruise around Casco Bay, passing all the major islands. You could also do the earlier run of the mail boat which sounds kind of cool for the same price. It is a ferry, so there are people on the boat for transportation and there is cargo being delivered to those people staying on the island. When we went it was a little chilly and unfortunately there was no sunset the evening of our sunset cruise because it was cloudy. There is ample seating on the boat decks, upper and lower, and even more on the inside. Many people were taking shelter from the cold wind , which we eventually did after enjoying the sights for a while. You can byob, meaning bring a picnic and a bottle of wine if you so wish. There were even two locals playing beer pong on the inside of the boat. Overall, it's not exactly a luxury tour, but if you are a tourist looking to get a cheap boat ride around the bay, this is for you