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Central Falls

With a proud history dating back to 1731, the City of Central Falls offers great opportunities for small business investment. Centrally located in southern New England with easy access to Providence, Boston, Hartford and Worcester, the city features low-cost mill space that hearkens back to its roots as the birthplace of the American Industrial Revolution. The city’s diverse population offers an abundance of cultural riches – culinary, artistic, linguistic and beyond. At the same time, this wealth of diversity also provides bridges to nearly 100 countries abroad, allowing the city’s manufacturers access to new markets as well as a myriad of sources of raw materials. Nestled between the City of Pawtucket and the Towns of Cumberland and Lincoln, the City of Central Falls is also compact: its 19,000+ citizens inhabit less than 1.3 square miles, making it quite walkable as well as appealing for retailers. While at one time the city was the most densely populated city in the United States, it has since lost that distinction, as it has focused on creating community gardens and sports fields where unneeded buildings once stood.At the same time, Central Falls and its citizens are rediscovering the Blackstone River that cuts through the city, the original economic engine that powered the mills that line its shores. The Chocolate Mill Overlook Park was recently created to highlight the city’s industrial origins while also providing another entrance to the river for kayakers, nature enthusiasts and those looking for some quiet meditation. Likewise, the re-lighting of Cogswell Tower atop Jenks Park heralds the reinvention of our proud little city as a nimble innovator.