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Chandler River Lodge

Built in 1797 by Hate Evil Hall, this homestead was passed down through several generations. Hate Evil and his wife Rebecca passed the property on to Horace Hall, one of their eight children in 1830. Horace and his wife, Sabrina Watts (Hannah Weston’s niece) raised five children here. The eldest child, a daughter named Sylvesta, married Daniel C. Marston (Hannah Weston’s great-grandson). Daniel Marston was a master mariner who frequently took his wife Sylvesta and their three children to sea with him. Their oldest child, a son, Horace “Langdon” Marston did not like to go to sea and was often left with his grandmother, Sabrina. He lived here, helping his grandmother care for the property over the years until her death at 101 years old at which time the Hall Homestead was left to him. By 1919, the Hall Homestead was home to Langdon and his wife Clara on the second floor and their son, George F. Marston with his wife Betsy Mildred (Babb) and their daughter, Mary-Vesta on the first floor. George ran the farm which included cows and hen houses and by 1927 Langdon and Clara began “taking in travelers.” Listed as a hotel in town records called River View Farm, it was a stop for many of the stage coach line.After Langdon passed away in 1928, his wife, Clara, continued to live here and take in guests with their son, George, continuing to care for the farm. After a divorce George remarried in the late 1930’s to Margaret DeForest. George passed away in 1961 leaving the property to his second wife who promptly sold it. For the first time in over 160 years, the Hall Homestead was no longer “in the family.” Purchased by the Kerr Family, they continued to operate it as an Inn, calling it Chandler River Lodge. It was then passed down to their daughter, Lorna Kerr and her significant other, Robert Hulse who continued to run it as a seasonal bed and breakfast until Lorna’s death in 1999. After Robert passed away it was again sold by his heirs in 2006 to current owners Beth & Rick Foss and Darren & Jennifer Prout.