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Civil War Site Stafford Courthouse

  • !300 Courthose Rd Stafford, VA 22555

STAFFORD COURTHOUSE, seat of Stafford Co., was occupied by the Army of the Potomac from November 1862 until June 1863. The courthouse contains only a few early records. Most of them were destroyed or carried off during the Civil War. Some early records taken away during the war were found in the New York State Library and returned to Stafford within recent years.Left of the highway in the section near the mouth of Potomac Creek Capt. John Smith in 1608 saw the Indian village Patawomeck, which contained the King's House of Powhatan. From this village Pocahontas, daughter of Powhatan, was kidnaped in 1613 by Captain Argall, who planned to hold her as hostage until her father returned rifles and other articles he and his followers had stolen. It was during this period of captivity that Pocahontas met and married John Rolfe; she never returned to the village. Travelers landed from steamers near this point to take the stage- coach to Fredericksburg, an early railroad terminus. Charles Dickens landed here on his way to Richmond, and returned by the same route in March 1842.