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Civil War Site Thornburg

  • Route 1 Thornburg, VA 22565

THORNBURG,is a crossroads formerly known as Mud Tavern. Left from Thornburg on a winding asphalt road to a fork at 3.6 m.; L. at the fork and R. when the road reaches a dead end at a country road that runs through fields and crosses a railroad track, just beyond which at 5.4 m. is the short lane (L) leading to the little white house that was the DEATH PLACE OF "STONEWALL" JACKSON . Lee and Jackson, splendid tacticians and hard fighters, had held back forces twice the size of those they commanded for a year and a half without permitting a single major victory by their opponents. After Jackson's surprise attack on the Federal troops at Chancellorsville, in which the Federals were completely defeated, he went scouting along the front alone, as was his un- wise custom; in the twilight he was shot by his own men. His arm had to be am- putated and an attempt was made to send him to Richmond for hospital care. By the time he reached the railroad he was too ill to travel farther. His death on May 22, 1863, at the age of 39, was a serious loss to the Confederacy. The house, the only remaining building of the former Fairfield Plantation at Guinea Station, is a memorial to Jackson; in the rear room is the bed in which Jackson died and on the walls are various pictures and mementos.