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Everglades National Park

Route 1 does not touch directly on Everglades National Park. To get there, You have to go down a subsidiary road, Florida 9336. Turn onto this road and head for the headquarters of the Everglades National Park. The Gulf of Florida seen from above was a palette of colors, aquamarine and pink, green and blue. You'll learn later that this results from the mix of corals on the sea floor. There is always a slight breeze but not enough to ruffle the Gulf’s surface. It remains as smooth as plate glass. It turned out that the "Keys" name goes back to the late 1600s. It was a reference to a type of fish that had both scales and fins and was therefore kosher. The name spread around the English speaking world and was applied to a number of different fish. How it found its way to a road on the Florida Keys remains a mystery.