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FREEPORT, (140 alt.; Freeport Town, 2,184 pop.), a pleasant, tree-shaded old village, is often referred to as the Birthplace of Maine, because the final papers for the separation of Maine from Massachusetts, which established it in 1820 as an independent State, were signed here by commissioners from Massachusetts and the Province of Maine, probably in JAMESON'S TAVERN (1779), just N. of the post office (R). When Freeport was incorporated in 1789 it was named for Sir Andrew Freeport, the character in Addison's Spectator Papers who rep- resented the London merchant class. There was a time when Free- port had a prosperous shipbuilding business, but it is now engaged in shoemaking, crabbing, and crab-meat packing. But more importantly now it is New England's largest outlet mall!