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Gianni's Italian Bistro

  • 3720 Washington Blvd Halethorpe, MD 21227

This one by far is the best within the southwest bounds of town. To think that G&M rocked....but when they started shipping them, you'll noticed that they seemed to have a *fish* like smell. Could they be using cod filler to stretch the crab rather than charge more for the cake? For the longest time you can look for another place on this end of town to buy crabcakes. Crabcake does have some filler in it, but is large and very tasty and best of all, it's blue crab! So many places have taken to using the crab from the far east and I'm sorry, that just doesn't belong in a Maryland crabcake! Giannis can be a little on the slower side at times, but it's well worth it for their food. Their Italian food is also very good!