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Halethorpe Fair of the Iron Horse

Between September 24 and October 15, 1929, there was held in a large field (L) in Halethorpe the Fair of the Iron Horse, commemo- rating the centennial of the introduction of the steam engine in rail transportation. The fair was arranged under the auspices of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Co., the first to run steam trains out of Baltimore. On this same field in 1910 was held what its sponsors claimed to be the first major airplane meet in the United States. A group of business and professional men financed the exhibition. Among the flyers taking part were Hubert Latham, Count de Lesseps, Ely Willard, James Radley, Tony Drexel, and Arch Hoxey. It was during the meet that Latham in a 50-horsepower monoplane flew over Baltimore, in the first successful flight made over a large American city. He won a prize of $5,000 and an extra $500 donated by Ross Winans, who watched the flight from his home. Virtually every resi- dent of Baltimore paused to gape at the marvel of a man-made ma- chine piloted by a human being, flying over a city. Thousands of visitors came from other cities to witness the breath-taking feats of the daring pioneer fliers at Halethorpe Field. Today mail and pas- senger planes fly over Baltimore daily without even a passing notice from most of the citizens.