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Hoo Doo Marker

  • 12301 Bel Air Road Kingsville, MD 21087

North of town one mile on the east side of US Hwy 1/Bel Air Rd. At the sign for the Celebrie Veterinary Hospital pull into the parking lot. Immediately after leaving the road, the elevation drops about ten feet to get to the parking lot. If you turn toward the road from the parking lot, you will see a tall rough stone next to the guard rail. The top of the stone is below the top of the guard rail, making it difficult to see when driving by on the road. The HOODOO MARKER, so called because of the in- scription: "Cursed be he who removeth his neighbor's landmark, and all the people shall say amen. Deuteronomy, Chap. 27, Verse 17." Above this is the boundary inscription: "This stone is in place of a double poplar tree, a boundary of expectation francis freedom alias young's escape and the second boundary of onion's prospect hill, the latter now owned by Edward Day." This ancient marker, much used by surveyors, is a rough shaft about nine feet high; only the side bearing the inscriptions is smooth. The dark stone, hard as flint, and now painted white on its face, is close to the road, though owing to a fill the top of the stone is now at the road level. The stone, thought to be at least 150 yrs. old, is probably a relic of a lifetime of quarreling between brothers, John and Edward Day. The only near reconciliation of the men occurred when Edward was supposed to be on his deathbed and his pastor, shocked by the idea of one of the brothers going to death with the breach unhealed, persuaded John to enter the sick man's bedroom. He thought his efforts had been successful until John was about to leave. Edward called him back for a last word, "John, if I die this is a go; if I get well it's all off." He recovered and the brothers died enemies.