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James River Distillery

The James River Distillery is located in the heart of Richmond, Virginia. Our team of Dwight Chew, Matt Brophy, Kristi Croxton and Jonathan Staples are hard at work using world-class Vendome stills to make regionally focused, craft distilled spirits. Relying on over 20 years of alcohol production experience and the highest quality, organic ingredients, the James River Distillery's exciting and unique line up of products is designed to capture the imagination of bartenders and make spirit lovers rejoice. Every batch of our gin is handcrafted from mashing to bottling. After the mash of organic malted barley and Virginia corn finishes fermentation it is first distilled in a 500 gallon stainless steel Vendome pot still, followed by a second distillation in a 100 gallon copper Vendome spirit still. It is during the third and final distillation in a 20 foot rectification column that the alcohol vapor is passed through the "gin basket" that holds our blend of botanicals. Using this rare vapor infusion method to craft our gin allows for the capture of delicate aromas and flavors, creating a truly unique and exceptional spirit.