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La Paella Restaurant

This Spanish Tapas restaurant in Norwalk has a surprising menu and blend of flavors in their cuisine. Generally I'm not a fan of Spanish cuisine as I find it too salty and lacking depth of flavor. "La Paella" exceeded my expectations. Before ordering, they will bring warm crusty dinner rolls that you'll eat with olive oil. For tapas, order the "Gambas al ajillo" shrimp marinated in a garlic parsley sauce and baked, "Cazuelita de queso" warm goat cheese served with a fresh tomato sauce and garlic bread, and a daily special- portuguese octopus with smoked paprika and sea salt. The warm goat cheese will be your favorite since it was a mild variety. For an entree share a seafood paella dish with shrimp, baby scallops, mussels, and clams, short grain rice and green peas. The paella is delicious although pricey, $50 for a two person serving.