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Lighthouse Whitlocks Mill

On the south bank of the St. Croix River you will see the Whitlock’s Mill Lighthouse perched at the edge of a sharp turn in the river. There has been been a lighthouse on that spot for 118 years since the first was built in 1892. At that time it had become the northernmost lighthouse in the U.S., a distinction it maintained to this day. The very first “lighthouse” built on this bend in the river had been a red lantern hung on a post by a mill owner named Whitlock, Becker told me. This was replaced in 1909 by the last lighthouse built in Maine. The U.S. Coastguard continued to operate the facility until 1997, when it turned over all lighthouses in the state to private, non-profit groups. One of these, the St. Croix Historical Society, continued to maintain the site today.