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  • 213 Main Street Madawaska, ME 04756

Madawaska was a lot like Fort Kent. It had a population of roughly the same size. The town seemed a bit more spread out. Madawaska had what appeared to be the same mix of lumbering and farming as occupations and the same predominance of French speaking people. In addition to being the northern most point in the U.S., Madawaska had two other distinctions of note: It was home to a wood pulp processing plant owned by Canada-based Fraser Papers, Inc. The Madawaska plant got its pulp through a pipeline that carried it across the international border, the only such pipeline in the U.S. The plant produced nearly 400,000 tons of specialty paper each year and employed around 3,700 workers. Fraser declared bankruptcy in 2009, so how long the firm will continue to be a major employer in the town remained open to question. Madawaska is also one of the so-called four corners destinations. Four corners refers to the cities of Madawaska, Me, San Ysidro, Calif., Blaine, Wash., and Key West Fla., which motorcyclists travel to, to touch all four corners of the US. Madawaska had a small, very pretty Four Corners Park, featuring a large Harley-Davidson monument and a small reflecting pool.