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Mid-Lothian Mines

  • 13301 North Woolridge Road Midlothian, VA 23114
  • P. (804) 751-4946
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One of the first major industrial sites in the United States became a 44-acre preserve when Mid-Lothian Mines Park opened in 2004. Now dedicated to the citizens of Chesterfield County, past and present, the cut stone ruins of the mines surrounded by the beautiful woodland testifies to the courage, innovation and sacrifice of those who started the U.S. industrial revolution. Coal from the mines here was used to fire the furnaces at Tredegar Iron Works in Richmond. Tredegar was the main supplier of artillery and iron for the Confederacy during the American Civil War. The park includes a new 450-seat rustic amphitheater and a large artistic representation of a coal mining headstock.

  • Attraction Fee: Free.