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MILBRIDGE, (20 alt.; Milbridge Town, 1,207 pop.), lies at the mouth of the Narraguagus, its main street, which US 1 follows, paralleling the river. From the highway at the southern end of the village there is a fine view of the offshore islands (boats and guidesfor deep-seafishing) . Lumbering, lobster fishing, and farming are the main sources of livelihood. A knitting mill is also in operation. A boat once frequently seen along the Maine coast and still occasionally found in some of the fishing villages of Nova Scotia isthe pinky (Prov. Eng., small). These boats, pointed at both ends, have wide gunwales rising to meet in a stern overhang. In 1927 Howard L. Chapelle, naval architect and author of The History of American Sailing Ships, revived the building of this type of craft in the Milbridge yard.