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Mt. Vernon Southside

  • Route 1 Mt. Vernon Mount Vernon, NY 10553

Mount Vernon's South Side, heavily urban influenced resembling The Bronx and the rest of New York City. includes the neighborhoods: Parkside, and Southside. Numerous industrial businesses are located in Parkside, while the rest of Southside Mount Vernon features multi-family homes, apartment buildings, commercial businesses and housing projects. South Side Mount Vernon features notable city landmarks such as Brush Park, Hutchinson Field, and the Boys and Girls Club (made famous by Denzel Washington who started attending the club when he was 6 and has often given the club credit for keeping him on the straight path), and St. Paul's Church National Historic Site. NBA basketball player Ben Gordon, who is from the South Side, has dedicated two playgrounds to the city: one on South Eighth Avenue, and the other at the Mount Vernon YMCA Family Center.