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National Mall Washington DC

The Mall is located in the area encompassed by Constitution and Pennsylvania Avenues, NW on the north, First Street on the east, Independence and Maryland Avenues on the south, and 14th Street on the west. The Mall is significant as the central axis of the District's monumental core as designed by L'Enfant in 1791. The Mall was to be the foremost avenue of the city, the so-called "Grand Avenue." It was to run west from the Capitol to a point directly south of the President's House where its terminus would be crowned by an equestrian statue of George Washington. According to L'Enfant's plan, the Mall was to be "four hundred feet in breadth, and about a mile in length, bordered by gardens, ending in a slope from the houses on each side."This overhead view of the National Mall in Washington DC shows the Lincoln Memorial at the top. In the middle is the Washington Monument with the Capitol Building at the very bottom.To the left is the Tidal Basin with the Jefferson Memorial at the left edge. The origin of the National Mall is as old as the capital city. The open space and parklands envisioned by Pierre L'Enfant's plan create an ideal stage for national expressions of remembrance, observance and protest. About 2,000 American elms line the Mall and 3,000 Japanese cherry trees grace the Tidal Basin. If you are planning a visit to Washington DC, be sure to download and print: Washington DC Walking Guides