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  • Route 1 Norlina, NC 27563

Norlina. A billboard on the side of the road announced the town as the home of Stephanie Wheeler, who won an Olympic gold medal at the 2008 games in Beijing, China. No one with absolute certainty can say how Norlina" came about...whether it was the influence of the railroad to 'shorten' the name North Carolina to Norrr-lllina, or if was a decision of some of our first citizens. In any event, in 1913, a group of local citizens stepped off one mile square (with the railroad depot exactly in the center), sent a petition to the North Carolina General Assembly for charter, and the town became known as Norlina. Wise, Route 1 in North Carolina follows what geologists call the “fall line.” This is an area that marks the edge of the mountains, called the upland, and the flatter coastal plain.Rivers flowing out of mountains generally cross the fall line as waterfalls, although there were none to be seen alongside the road