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OGUNQUIT, (60 alt., Wells Town), noted for many years only as a fishing village in a particularly beautiful setting, now has many hotels and is known for its colony of artists and actors . Among the many recreations here is fishing for tuna, which has become popular along the southern Maine coast in recent years. OGUNQUIT PLAYHOUSE. The Ogunquit summer theater group, one of the largest in Maine, has been under the direction of Walter Hartwig for several years, and has nationally known stage and screen stars as guest artists. During the season a new play is presented each week. The Workshop, an interesting develop- ment that attracts students of the theater from all sections of the country, makes several presentations during the summer. At the east end of the bridge (R) is a GRANITE MONUMENT with a bronze plaque bearing the following inscription: "The Province of Maine. Originally extending from the Merri-mac to the Kennebec Rivers, was granted Aug. 10th 1622 to Sir erdinando Gorges and John Mason, by The Council for New England, established at Plymouth in 1635 when Gorges received the Eastern portion extending from the Piscataqua to the Kennebec, which thereafter retained the original name of the Province of Maine." US 1 crosses the New Hampshire Line at 76.9 m. in the center of the PORTSMOUTH-KiTTERY MEMORIAL BRIDGE over the Piscataqua River.