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Portland City

PORTLAND,Points of Interest. Longfellow Birthplace, Sweat Memorial Art Museum, City Hall with Municipal Organ, Wadsworth House, and others. From Portland there are steamer trips to the various islands of CASGO BAY (Ind., place of herons), on which the city lies. The bay was visited by most of the explorers who came along this coast shortly after 1600; all were attracted to it be- cause of the safe anchorage offered by its deep waters and because the islands gave them places to land where they felt reasonably safe from the inhabitants of the country, on whom they looked with some fear. The islands are now frequented by summer visitors. Some are fairly large, some mere dots on the water. On them hang countless legends of castaways, buried treasures, shipwrecks, and Indian gods.Manyoftheislandsbearhomelynamesgivenbythepioneers,whodisplayed considerable imagination in finding resemblances to objects and animals in the rough profiles Ram, Horse, Sow and Pigs, the Goslings, Turnip, and Whale- boat are among them. Others have names derived from events that took place on them, or from animals inhabiting them. The first settlement in the bay took place in 1623, when Gapt. Christopher Levett erected a stone house, probably on YORK ISLAND, formerly known as House Island