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Prince William Forest Park

Do you like beavers? Then you will love Prince William Park. You can see beavers swimming around in the water while you're hiking. This park is huge - like, 17000 acres huge. It would be hard to be bored here, whether you want a day trip, a picnic, or a weeklong camping trip. There are miles and miles of trails, and while some are marked or featured in guide books, it's easy to break off from the trails and go on the "less traveled" ones that are very dense in vegetation to see what the woods are really likeDuring World War II, the Office of Strategic Services used the park’s thousands of acres as training grounds for spies and clandestine radio operators. Prince William Forest Park is an oasis, a respite of quiet and calm. In 1936, Chopawamsic Recreation Area opened its gates to house children's 'relief' camps during the Great Depression. Renamed Prince William Forest Park in 1948, these fragrant woods and trickling streams have welcomed generations of campers, hikers, bikers and nature lovers. Discover Northern Virginia's best kept secret! The campsites are well maintained and the have flushing toilets and sinks in all sites and showers in the B site. We stayed in the C site, which is reservation only, so it was a bit more quiet and the B loop is more of where the caravans of families go. The campsites are labeled on the map to suite your needs. We choose a campsite that was set back farther and offered a bit more privacy.