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Quoddy Head SP

Take a quick drive to the Eastern most point in the United States. Quoddy Head State Park offers spectacular views out to sea and is home to the only red and white stripped light house in Maine. While you eat a picnic dinner marvel at the red cliffs of Grand Manan Island and be stunned that you are looking at Canada. The allure of entering another country can strong as you drive along the boarder but you will need passports. Visiting Campobello if you go over the border, otherwise the several trails at Quoddy Head provide great views of the shoreline and gave you a reason to return again. Grand Lake isn’t nearly as big as any of the Great Lakes. And in a gallon for gallon rumble, well, no contest. You will say though that driving down Route 1 between Houlton and Caribou, Grand Lake is impressive. Stretching across several Maine towns, and even more on the Canadian side, Grand Lake is a welcomed escape from the sweltering wind that had been propeling us southward.