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Red Beach Calias

RED BEACH, (90 alt.; Ward 9, City of Calais), takes its name from the color of the granite outcrop along the shore. The village lies along the main highway in a pleasant wooded area from which the wide island-dotted St. Croix is visible. . Many of the New England towns through which it runs were "little hornets' nests" during the Revolutionary War. Over a part of the route Paul Revere in 1773 spurred his horse on his dash to Philadelphia with news of the Boston Tea Party.In Maine the highway runs close to the house prepared for the re- ception of Marie Antoinette if her friends should rescue her; in Massachusetts, to the house in which lived the Scottish prisoners cap- tured by Cromwell at the Batt. Eventually the Federal Government began to interest itself, and the Federal Aid Act of 1916 led to active participation in the financing and construction of roads in all States. A condition of the Act was the creation of State highway departments to cooperate in establishing uniform standards for building roads partly financed by the Government. Five of the States through which US 1 passes were among the first seven to establish such departments, and to benefit from the more scientific engineering methods prescribed.The MASON HOUSE (private), at the point (R) where Main St. turnstoward the customhouse, was the home of Noah Smith, Jr. (180068). Smith, paternal grandfather of the writer, Kate Douglas Wiggin, is said to have been one of the last people who had official business with President Lincoln before his assassination; at that time he received the President's signature to a pardon granted to a young Calais soldier who had been convicted of treason.