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Revolutionary War Site Rhodes Tavern

  • US Route 1 at South Dr. Beltsville, MD 20705

RHODES TAVERN, one of the few inns remaining from Colonial days. A marker here recites: "Lieutenant General George Washington dined at Rhodes Tavern on his last journey from Philadelphia to Mt. Vernon December 18, 1798." During the stagecoach era, this was the first stopping place for feeding and watering horses on the trip from Washington to Baltimore. The tavern, now operated as a tourist inn, is a three-story structure con- taining 17 rooms and 11 fireplaces. The beams are of 14-in. square oak timbers and some of the mantels are of unusual design. In the kitchen the huge brick fireplace, with built-in oven, occupies the en- tire space across one end; the three-cornered cupboard, the hand- wrought meat hooks, the original locks which were brought from England, and the doorknobs remain. The building stands in a 10-acre lot; among the old trees remaining are two English elms, sup- posed to have been imported, and some cedar and walnut trees. There are six springs on the property, from one of which water is piped into the house.