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Rib Bizz

Authentic BBQ for Boca and Delray Beach Finally a great place for authentic ribs in the Boca & Delray Beach Area! They are located in a small strip mall and have plenty of comfortable seating in a county style decor. The owner is a friendly guy that recommended the ribs or the pulled beef sandwich when you asked what you should try.Ordere the very reasonably priced lunch rib basket with fries and cole slaw and you'll be very happy. The pork ribs have a pleasant smokey flavor and crispy crust. They were moist while still having a satisfying crispiness. They also had a nice pink smoke ring so you know that these were authentically slow cooked. While they were not fall apart tender, they had a generally tender bite and delicious flavor. We rate them highly. The crinkle cut fries were piping hot and crunchy while the cole slaw was perfect as well...cold. crispy, and not too much mayo!