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ROCKPORT, (100 alt.; Rockport Town, 1,651 pop.), a town with a diminishing population, was set off from Camden in1891. From the bridge at the S. end of the village is a remarkable view of the harbor and the white lighthouse jutting out on the point.Goose River forms a V-shaped waterfront that has been landscaped by Mrs. Mary Louise Bok (see above). Unusually interesting are the OLD LIME KILNS nearby.SPITE HOUSE (L), on Deadman's Point, was moved in 1925 over land and water from Phippsburg, 85 miles away, by Donald W.Dodge of Philadelphia. James McCobb, a prominent Phippsburg citizen of his time, built the so-called Minott House in Phippsburg for his second wife. Some time after his third marriage, the elder McGobb died while his son Thomas was at sea. The third Mrs.McGobb, who had also been previously married, arranged a mar- riage between her son by her first husband and her stepdaughter, the sister of Thomas McCobb, thereby obtaining practical control of one of the largest estates in the section. When Thomas McCobb returned and learned of the marriage and its consequences, he became incensed, declared he would build himself a mansion large enough and sufficiently grand to overshadow the residence occupied by his stepmother, and in 1806 built this beautiful structure which,from the day of its completion, has borne its present name.