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S&P Oyster Company

When in Rome (Mystic) .... soeate the oysters. And they are very good! If you go to a place with the word "oyster" in the name, why would you order steak or chicken? Sample the Stonington oysters, Mystic oysters and Blue Point (Long Island Sound) oysters. The Stoningtons, slightly sweet yet briny, and oh-so fresh. We ate a dozen, gratefully. That's enough for five stars, and when you add Stonington scallops, fresh, plump and lightly buttered, put you in heaven. Given the restaurant's location right on the river in the heart of lovely Mystic, with a spectacular outdoor patio, and a good mixologist at the bar, this is as good as it gets. But ... you knew that was coming, eh? The crab-encrusted cod was nicely prepared but less than outstanding to the palate, and the broiled shrimp were over-broiled more than a little.