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  • 16120 Chiswell Lane Beaverdam, VA 23015

Scotchtown, standing on a high brick foundation, is unusually large for the time in which it was built 100 by 50 ft.; it has four big rooms on each side of a wide entrance hall, each room with a fireplace. Above this main floor is an attic with 5,000 sq. ft. of floor space receiving light only from small windows in the ends. The high roof, pierced only by four chimneys, would give a barren ap- pearance if the ends of the ridge were not hipped; at the top of the unpainted clapboard walls, now silvery with age, are carefully spaced corbels that give a surprising touch of elegance to the otherwise severe-looking building. Scotchtown has even more legends than the average old house; the usual story is told of Gornwallis' having ridden up the steps and through the halls; there are hints of a murder committed here and of an Indian raid said to be responsible for the faint brown mark on the hall floor pointed out as a bloodstain. The trap- door in the hall is said to have provided Patrick Henry with a hiding place when British soldiers appeared to arrest the fiery radical who was inflaming the colonists.