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The Captain Daniel Packer Inn

This is one of the must-do's for when family or guests visit town, as well as for a fun evening out with friends. Locally known as "The Packer" or "DPI," this place has the atmosphere the rest of New England is trying for. It is an old inn that has literally been here for hundreds of years. Upstairs in the dining room or downstairs in the pub, the ambiance is old stone and wooden beam and excellent cuisine in both. Now...the food: patrons have been eating here for their whole life and the food here is simply the best. The menu changes throughout the seasons but retains some wonderful standbys (lemon pepper chicken, the DPI salad with pistacchio craisin and raspberry vinaigrette, baked garlic/fresh baked bread, etc.). The food preperation and presentation is high-end and delicious. The specials are really creative. Patrons have seen the manager being brought plated food from the kitchen to taste for potential inclusion in the menu a number of times, which tells you there is continuing focus on maintaining great quality. The facilities are really clean and regularly updated. The service is consistently good. They train their staff carefully.