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Wells Auto Museum

In 1946 Glen and Judith Gould were given a Stanley Steamer that was found in the Vermont barn cellar of an Uncle. Finally, after hours of backbreaking restoration work Glen was able to fire up the old car. Hearing the Stanley run for the first time was all it took for Glenn to become hooked. Through his career as a traveling salesman Glenn was able to amass a large collection of brass era cars. He would head out on the road with an empty trailer and return with a car that he had pulled out of a barn, field, or chicken coop. One by one he brought them back to the way they were the day they rolled out of the factory. Over the years the collection grew and eventually the Gould's decided to open their first museum in Meredith New Hampshire. By the late 70's they had outgrown that space and moved the collection to their current location in Wells.