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Whitby Castle

Architect Alexander Jackson Davis designed Whitby Castle in 1852. Built for Mr. William Chapman as a private residence, the construction of the original home contain stones from the original Whitby Abbey in England and thus the family chose “WHITBY” as the title of the estate. In 1886, the Chapman’s sold the house to the Park family of Rye who lived there for 25 years. In 1921, the 40 acres of the original property were combined with the adjoining Allen Estate and became Rye Country Club later sold and renamed Rye Wood Country Club. In 1965, the City of Rye purchased the property to be renamed Rye Golf Club as it known today. Whitby Castle is open to the public. The interior boasts restaurants with intimate dining rooms, beautifully appointed bar, reception space, bridal suite and elegant ballrooms. For smaller receptions, private family dinners, bridal showers and other intimate celebratory events, we offer 2 private reception rooms with elevator access on the second level of the Castle. Over the years, hundreds of thousands of people have graced these halls for magical and glamorous events. Overlooking Long Island Sound and the 18th hole of Rye Golf Club, Whitby Castle is the perfect place for a casual evening out with friends or family, special occasions, private parties, wedding or other special catered events. For a Whitby Castle Off-Premise Catered Event please contact our Sales Office at 914.777.2053 or email whitbysales@ryegolfclub.com.