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Williams Island

The relatively flat and heavily vegetated Williams Island is in the middle of the James River, across from the 2-acre park, Riverside Meadow Greenspace. There are two distinctly different channels to the north and south of the island and both are blocked by dams, built to help divert water into the city’s purification plant. The island has always been a popular fishing spot and there are worn foot paths through the wild underbrush all around the island, most likely “maintained” and shared by a combination of fisherman and wildlife. Williams Island has been home to black bears and, at one time, an albino deer. Other animals include raccoons, muskrat, skunk and wild turkey. The general public is allowed to visit the island and when water levels of the James are low, people can often reach the island more easily by rock hopping.

Parks and Recreation
Parks and Recreation
  • Park Features:
    • James River
  • Park Activities:
    • Fishing
    • Paddling