BLK RVA Sponsorship Program

Funded by Richmond Region Tourism Foundation

BLK RVA is a collaborative initiative between Richmond Region Tourism (RRT) and 20+ community leaders. After two years of planning, was launched in August of 2019. It promotes African American tourism by illustrating the Richmond region as a multicultural hub that specializes in four pillars: Arts & Entertainment, Food & Drink, Community, and History. Through this initiative, we’re setting out to increase tourism, engage regional residents, and support businesses by showcasing spaces that highlight the Black experience in the Richmond region. Black culture in Richmond is rooted in history, yet rising in its future

BLK RVA sponsorship is awarded to help incubate new events or expand the promotion of existing events to increase potential visitors from outside of the Richmond Region, whether they are traveling for leisure travel or meetings and conventions. Any sponsorship dollars awarded to your organization should be spent on marketing your event or enhancing the visitor experience to entice visitors to return to the Richmond Region.

This BLK RVA Sponsorship Program has a finite amount of dollars that can be awarded. It will be a competitive process and your answers in this application will be vitally important to the BLK RVA Advisory Committee. Any tourism or hospitality organization or event planner can apply for a cash or in-kind sponsorship for up to $2,500, but your awarding amount, if any, is not guaranteed year to year.