Check out the answers below and see how many you got correct!

Week One

1. Richmond is the only U.S. city with a Triple Crossing, where three train tracks cross above one another.

2.  Richmond was the first test market for the first canned beer, produced by Krueger Brewing Company. During what year was the first canned beer produced?

3. Award-winning Richmond region Indian restaurant Lehja is currently providing free hot lunches and dinners to local health care professionals. What part of North India is Lehja Chef Sunny Baweja from?

4.  Which band/musician is NOT from the Richmond region? 
The Avett Brothers

5.  The first American hospital was built in 1611 at the Citie of Henricus, now the site of Henricus Historical Park. What was it called?
Mount Malady

6.  Mekong was recently recognized with what accolade?
“Best Beer Bar in America” 

7.  What tough-to-come-by product is currently being made and distributed free of charge by local distilleries such as Reservoir and Three Crosses?
Hand Sanitizer

8.  Which Richmond region locality is home to more historical markers than any other county in Virginia?
New Kent County

9.  The VCU Health Richmond Marathon is known as ____?
America’s friendliest marathon

10.  Which of the following authors is NOT from the Richmond region?
John Grisham


Week Two

1.  Two U.S. presidents are buried in Richmond’s Hollywood Cemetery. Which ones?
James Monroe and John Tyler

2.  What movie was Richmond band GWAR featured in? 
Empire Records

3.  The first tobacco crops were grown and sold to Europe from which Richmond region locality?  
Chesterfield County

4.  True or False: Powhatan County was named after the father of Pocahontas? 

5.  Local brewery Ardent Craft Ales has partnered with Sysco on which initiative to assist restaurant employees who are currently out of work due to the COVID-19 crisis? 
Food bank

6.  Where was Edgar Allan Poe known to play when he was a child? 
Linden Row Inn 

7.  The creator of what award-winning TV show is from Richmond? 
Breaking Bad

8..There is a train buried under which Richmond region neighborhood? 
Church Hill 

9.  Ma Michele's Café in Midlothian, currently filling to-go and takeout orders for made-from-scratch soul food, is assisting families by offering two complimentary kid meals with each entrée order. What ingredient sets Ma Michele’s beloved cornbread apart?
Cottage cheese

10.  Richmond is the only U.S. city to offer Class IV whitewater rafting in an urban setting. 


Week Three

1.  Which park is home to the famous ‘view that named Richmond?’
Libby Hill Park

2.  Which Hollywood actor/actress has NOT attended the Richmond International Film Festival? 
Warren Beatty 

3.  Richmond chef Craig Perkinson has been selling pizzas through his pop-up, People’s Pie, with all proceeds going to the Holli Fund. At which Richmond region restaurant was Perkinson previously executive chef before launching People’s Pie? 

4.  The son of this famous American brewer started his own ill-fated brewery in Richmond in 1868. 
D.G. Yuengling

5.  The home of what U.S. Chief Justice known for his ruling in Marbury v. Madison is now a Richmond region attraction? 
John Marshall 

6.  Richmond apparel stores such as Ledbury and Shockoe Atelier have converted their local workshops from making upscale clothing to producing what for VCU Health System?
Medical masks

7.  Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden was originally The Lakeside Wheel club, a gathering place for bicycle enthusiasts in the late 1890s.

8.  The first telephone exchange system in Richmond began operating in what year?

9.  Fire, Flour and Fork has hosted many celebrity chefs throughout the years. Which famous chef has not attended Fire, Flour and Fork? 
José Andrés

10.  What year did the Virginia Commonwealth University Rams men's basketball team make it to the Final Four playoffs? 


Week Four

1.  Agecroft Hall, a Tudor manor overlooking the James River, was originally built in what location before being relocated to Richmond? 
Lancashire, England 

2.  This historic attraction is one of only a few surviving colonial-era taverns in the United States. It has hosted such historic figures as George Washington, Lord Cornwallis, and the Marquis de Lafayette.
Hanover Tavern

3.  Which movie was NOT filmed in the Richmond region? 
Gone With the WInd

4.  The Richmond Night Market, a monthly open-air social gathering that highlights creativity, commerce, and community while showcasing artists and makers, is currently operating virtually. The next market is Saturday, May 9 from 5:00 -10:00 pm. In addition to shopping, the virtual event will include which components of the live event?
All of the above

5.  Richmond was named “The World’s Top Beer Destination” by VinePair in what year? 

6.  Maggie L. Walker, one of Richmond’s most celebrated figures, had a statue created and unveiled in her honor the summer of 2017 on Broad Street in downtown Richmond. Among Mrs. Walker’s many accomplishments, which was she not known for? 
Organizing and starting Jackson Ward’s first farmers market 

7.  Local non-profits RVA Makers, Build RVA and Good Work Society recently collaborated to produce which in-demand item during the COVID-19 crisis?
Face Shields

8.  Which Richmond region park was formerly home to an amusement park with a roller coaster, golf course, arcade and swimming pool?
Forest Hill Park

9.  At 76 feet, the largest screen in the Richmond region is located at which site? 
The Science Museum of Virginia

10.  Max Robinson, who was born in Richmond, was the first African American broadcast network news anchor in the United States. Which network was Robinson a news anchor for? 


Week Five

1.  2020 is the 300th birthday of which Richmond region county? 

2.  Which television show was NOT filmed in the Richmond region? 
One Tree Hill

3.  Bill ‘Bojangles’ Robinson was a famous actor and tap-dancer from Jackson Ward, starring in many films and Broadway productions during the first half of the 1900s. His talent and dancing style were recognized by Congress in 1989, declaring National Tap Dance Day on Mr. Robinson’s birthday. When is National Tap Dance Day? 
May 25

4.  The Valentine has donated over 9,000 of which item to thousands of Richmond Public Schools students? 
Educational Workbooks

5.  Richmond is within a day’s drive from half of the U.S. population. 

6.  Which development opened in 1956, becoming Richmond’s first shopping center? 
Willow Lawn

7.  What was the name of the enslaved Richmonder who escaped to freedom in 1849 by arranging to have himself mailed in a wooden crate to abolitionists in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania?
Henry Brown

8.  George Washington designed the canal in downtown Richmond that was intended to reach which final destination (but never did)? 
Ohio River

9.  Which Richmond region art gallery/performance space is housed in the oldest existing fire house in the United States? 
Gallery 5

10.  Richmond was on the list of “52 Places to Go in 2020” produced by which national publication?
The New York TImes


Week Six

1.  The city of Richmond was named by William Byrd II after a town near (and now part of) London, England.

2.  One of the cast members from The Real Housewives series on BravoTV is originally from Richmond. Which franchise from the series features this cast member?
New York City

3.  Studio Two Three, a local non-profit serving the artist and maker community, has shifted gears to address concerns due to the pandemic. Which of the following are they NOT doing:
Screen printing social distancing rules on house flags 

4.  Kings Dominion, a popular destination for thrill-seekers, is home to the Intimidator 305. This coaster, one of the tallest and fastest on the East Coast, has a 300-foot drop at what terrifying angle?
85 degrees

5.  Which famous neighborhood in Richmond, once a major immigrant community, is recognized for its African-American history and was once known as the Harlem of the South? 
Jackson Ward

6.  Bermuda Hundred was the first incorporated town in America. In what area of the Richmond region is Bermuda Hundred located?
Chesterfield County

7.  Which Richmond region attraction is coordinating the delivery of hand sanitizer produced by Virginia distilleries to a local veterans care center?
Virginia War Memorial

8.  The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, located on Arthur Ashe Boulevard, is one of the top comprehensive art museums in the United States. Which is NOT true about the VMFA? 
The VMFA houses the biggest Chihuly sculpture in North America

9.  Who holds the record for most NASCAR wins at the Richmond Raceway?
Richard Petty

10.  What was the first paved road in Virginia? 
Midlothian Turnpike