The Richmond Region Tourism Staff

Dedicated to growing tourism in our region


Jack Berry 2022
Jack Berry
President & CEO  Linkedin-Logo.jpg

KO 2024
Katherine O'Donnell, CDME
Executive Vice President  Linkedin-Logo.jpg

Lovatt 2024
Michelle Lovatt
Vice President of Administration  Linkedin-Logo.jpg

Mike Kerr
Mike Kerr
Director of Finance  Linkedin-Logo.jpg

Robin Chidester
Manager of Accounting  Linkedin-Logo.jpg

Grantland Steele
Grantland Steele
Administrative Coordinator  Linkedin-Logo.jpg


Danielle Fitz Hugh
Danielle Fitz-Hugh
Vice President of Community Relations  Linkedin-Logo.jpg

Tamara Harris
Tamera Harris
Director of Community Relations  Linkedin-Logo.jpg

Sarah Hunter 2022
Sarah Hunter
Community Relations & Events Manager  Linkedin-Logo.jpg

Jefferson 2023
Tameka Jefferson
Community Relations Manager  Linkedin-Logo.jpg

Dee Ralston
Deanne Ralston
Community Relations Coordinator  Linkedin-Logo.jpg


Tom Loftus, CDME
Vice President of Marketing  Linkedin-Logo.jpg

Sarah Beth Couvillion
Sarah Beth Couvillion
Public Relations Manager  Linkedin-Logo.jpg

Alex Eady 2022
Alex Eady
Content Manager  Linkedin-Logo.jpg

Chase Gunn 2022
Chase Gunn
Senior Creative Marketing Manager  Linkedin-Logo.jpg

Carla Murray 2022
Carla Murray
Director of Marketing Communications  Linkedin-Logo.jpg

Mike Ritchie 2022
Mike Ritchie
Senior Digital Marketing Manager  Linkedin-Logo.jpg


Jerrine Lee 2022
Jerrine Lee, STS, CSEE
Vice President of Sales  Linkedin-Logo.jpg

Casey Armstrong
Destination Sales Manager  Linkedin-Logo.jpg

Danny Bonifas 2022
Danny Bonifas
Director of Sports & Events  Linkedin-Logo.jpg

Kevin Holland
National Destination Sales Manager  Linkedin-Logo.jpg

Brittany Loving
Brittany Loving
Sports Events Manager   Linkedin-Logo.jpg

Lauran Peoples
Lauran Peoples, CSEP, CGMP
Director of Sales Marketing & Business Development  Linkedin-Logo.jpg

Jatiska 2023
Jatiska Reed
Sales Coordinator  Linkedin-Logo.jpg

Morgan Stanley
Morgan Stanley
Sports & Events Specialist  Linkedin-Logo.jpg

Gerald Taylor 2022
Gerald K. Taylor
Sports Sales & Events Manager  Linkedin-Logo.jpg

Courtenay White
Courtenay White
CRM Database Administrator  Linkedin-Logo.jpg

Jason Whitt
Jason Whitt
National Destination Sales Manager  Linkedin-Logo.jpg


Matt Robinette
Matt Robinette, CSEE, CMP
Vice President of Visitor Experience  Linkedin-Logo.jpg

Liana Acevedo
Liana Acevedo, CMP
Director of Destination Services  Linkedin-Logo.jpg

Toni Bastian 2022
Toni Bastian
Group Tour & Visitor Center Manager   Linkedin-Logo.jpg

Shelly Jiggetts
Shelly Jiggetts
Administrative Coordinator  Linkedin-Logo.jpg

Reed Patterson 2022
Reed Patterson
Destination Services Manager  Linkedin-Logo.jpg