Become an

RVA Champion

Richmond Region Tourism’s RVA Champions Program

Gain recognition for bringing your group’s convention, meeting or sports tournament to the Richmond Region

RVA Champions

You can become an RVA Champion by encouraging your friends, families, colleagues and fellow association or team members to hold their convention, meeting or sports tournament in the Richmond Region.

Corporate conferences, professional association meetings, sports tournaments, social and religious group meetings, family and military reunions: these gatherings have a lot more in common than you might think. They generate real, bottom-line, positive impact on the local economy. Hosting these events supports jobs, creates tax revenue and improves the overall quality of life for residents. You can help make that happen!

Become an RVA Champion by encouraging your friends, families, colleagues and fellow association or team members to hold their convention, meeting or sports tournament in the Richmond Region.

All you have to do is help us match your contacts with our region’s amazing slate of amenities, and together we’ll promote the Richmond Region as a premier meeting and sports destination.


Here’s How It Works:

1. Think about your own professional organizations and associations, sports leagues, and family and faith connections. There’s probably an upcoming meeting, reunion or sports tournament that would be a perfect fit for the Richmond region, and chances are you know someone involved in the planning process.

2. Connect with our team at the very beginning of the planning process to maximize the value of our complimentary services, proven resources, contacts, and expertise. We’ll share insights that come from years of experience to tailor meetings and sports assets to your group’s specifications.

3. We’ll assist throughout the entire process and offer helpful services to increase attendance, provide registration assistance, and plan local tours.

4. Each spring, we hold a reception with our staff and board to honor and celebrate our RVA Champions for their role in supporting tourism. Let us celebrate you!


Examples of Support from Richmond Region Tourism:

  • Assist with meeting venue and hotel search

  • Arrange familiarization tours and site inspections

  • Create an authentic RVA experience

  • Help you to personalize Richmond region promotion as the host destination

  • Deliver a collaborative experience through community outreach

  • Provide local business referrals

  • Assist with planning and develop experiential itineraries

  • Provide on-site conference or tournament services

  • Coordinate transportation services


For more information email Richmond Region Tourism or call Jatiska Reed at 804.783.7428.