Picks Up

Richmond Region Tourism’s Tourism Picks Up Days

A biannual effort to get the Richmond region ready for company

Let’s make sure RVA is beautiful as Richmonders and out-of-town visitors enjoy our region’s host of outdoor activities. Twice a year, in spring and in fall, you can join Richmond Region Tourism for Tourism Picks Up day to literally pick up as the world heads outside. Take one hour of your day to look around. Does trash need to be picked up? Have leaves piled up already? Could a mulch bed use fresh mulch or flowers? If everyone spruces up their slice of the region, by the end of the day, RVA will be ready for company!

Commit to participating in Tourism Picks Up by posting on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #RVATourismCares. And remember to share pictures of your clean up in action! 

Need ideas for what you can do or tips for a successful clean-up project? Email us at