7 Unique Areas

Each With a Story

the Richmond Region

One region, Multiple vibes

We’ve got 100+ buildings with giant artworks painted on them. Lovely burbs with every store on the planet. Farmlands with berry picking, wineries, tomato festivals and antiquing. The Richmond region isn’t just our downtown – it’s a collaboration between the city of Richmond, the city of Colonial Heights, the town of Ashland and four counties: Chesterfield, Hanover, Henrico and New Kent. Each area has its own personality. And no matter where you stay, you’re not far from any of them.

City of Richmond

This is where urban edginess meets southern charm. Or, as some would say, chaaam. It’s a mid-size city – but traffic’s no big deal, which is good if you're trying to get to one of our amazing restaurants, art exhibits or unique attractions.

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Henrico County

Shopping at Short Pump Town Center, enjoying nature at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens, NASCAR, and performance venues like the Cultural Arts Center of Glen Allen are just a few of the things you can enjoy in this RVA suburb.

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chesterfield county

Chesterfield County is where Pocahontas once lived, where the first tobacco crops were grown to sell in Europe, and where North met South in six Civil War battles. At Henricus Historical Park, you can go back in time four centuries to experience North America’s second successful English settlement.

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Hanover County

Have dinner at a colonial-era tavern where Patrick Henry was a bartender. Tour battlefields. Score some awesome antiques. Pick up a world-famous Hanover tomato, if they’re in season while you’re here. Also, did we mention Kings Dominion?

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New Kent County

New Kent is home to more historical markers than any other county in Virginia. With its historic sites, wineries, horseracing and Rosie’s Gaming Emporium at Colonial Downs, golf, camping and three rivers, New Kent is a pretty great place for an authentic Virginia experience.

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town of ashland

Locally known as the "Center of the Universe," Ashland embodies all-American charm. It’s a walkable experience with great restaurants, a coffee shop, two breweries, the historic Ashland Theatre, art galleries, Randolph Macon College, wine tastings and an overall eclectic vibe.

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colonial heights

During the Revolutionary War, French troops, known as Colonials, set up artillery on the heights overlooking Petersburg. An English soldier saw the troops across the river and exclaimed, “Look! There are the Colonials, up on the Heights!” Thus, the name Colonial Heights was born.

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