Folk Music

Intimate melodies from RVA

The folk music scene in Richmond, VA is a vibrant and soul-stirring tapestry of heartfelt storytelling. Rooted in tradition and steeped in authenticity, folk music carries the essence of cultural heritage and shared experiences. Folk artists captivate audiences with their intimate melodies to weave tales of love, loss, and resilience. Whether performed in small coffee shops or on grand festival stages, folk music creates a sense of connection, evoking emotions and inviting listeners into a world of heartfelt introspection. It's a genre that transcends time, forging a bond between generations and preserving the beauty of human experiences. Check out more information on some essential Richmond folk musicians below.

Holy river bumpHoly RiverThe band formerly known as Lobo Marino, Høly River is the duo Laney Sullivan and Jameson Price. Sullivan and Price have been touring nationally and internationally for many years. Their music carries the message of humanity’s need for reconnection with itself and the earth. Mystically political and wholeheartedly grassroots, this DIY band finds themselves playing on large festival stages as well as backyard fire pits of intentional communities across the country. Listen now


Margox bumpMargoxThe indie-rock band from Richmond, VA, fronted by Colleen, has dreamy melodies and instrumentation paired with warm vocals. Her honest, soulful, lyrically-focused songs pack a punch that make you want to get up and dance while also giving you a safe space to rest. Listen now



Ol Riles bumpOl’ RilesOl' Riles Band originated in Richmond, Virginia 2018. A mixture of west coast Americana and east coast Bluegrass. Listen now



Palmyra bumpPalmyraWith an ever-expanding sonic palette, Palmyra explores the fusion of traditional folk string instruments, three part harmonies and foot percussion. The burgeoning trio sounds like a distant cousin of the progressive folk band, Punch Brothers, mixed with elements of Fleet Foxes or the Avett Brothers. Palmyra’s songs are intimate and contemplative, with three-part vocal arrangements that allow them to create the illusion of a full, larger-than-three ensemble. Listen now


Tin Can bumpTin Can Fish BandTin Can Fish Band started as the duo TinFish in 2006, with acoustic singer songwriter Steve Fisher and long time friend, Colonial Williamsburg tavern musician, and mandolin fiddle maestro, Doug Austin. While primarily performing Steve's original songs, TCFB draws from a wide variety of folk, rock and roots material ranging from public domain and Bluegrass to Americana and World music, as well as works written and performed by various TCFB members. Listen now


Villages bumpVillagesVillages is what happens when a lifelong piano player has a midlife musical crisis, teaches himself guitar, writes 70+ songs in a little over a year, and then gets his super talented friends to make them sound cool. Listen now