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Richmond, VA, buzzes with an electrifying rock scene that resonates with energy and passion. The city's rock musicians ignite stages all across the city with powerful guitar riffs, thundering drums, and raw vocals, creating an unforgettable sonic experience. Under this driving sound, a plethora of sub-genres open up from alternative and indie to punk and metal, not to mention plenty of retro sounds and other styles that defy labeling. Whatever your brand of power-driven music is, know that you’ll find it in Virginia’s capital with musicians that embody the spirit of rebellion and resilience within their dynamic sound. To learn more about all of these different brands of rock music, make sure to click on the links below!

Cas bumpCAS - A solo artist born in a small town outside of Seoul South Korea, moved to the US and started playing all genres on guitar from blues to metal. His newest album called “Lackluster” is a concept album about the stages of grief you go through when you lose a loved one & the turmoil that can stick with you as you grow. Listen now



Dead bumpDead BillionairesFormerly known as Little River Creek Police, Dead Billionaires started as the songwriting project of frontman Warren Campbell in 2016 in Richmond Virginia. Settling into a power trio lineup with Nick Trbovich on bass and Hunter Rhodes on drums, the band wields music as a tool for grappling with the problems of our modern society, while having a hell of a lot of fun doing it. Listen now


Last Circus bumpThe Last Real CircusThe Last Real Circus are an American folk rock band based out of Washington DC, and Richmond, VA. The band has quickly gained a big following with loyal fans from all over, with their soulful heartbeat singles, “Chaplin’s Life,” and “Nottoway.” With the addition of their new originals “Diana (oh la la)”, “Here we go“ and “Stoned (on a different kind of love)“ to the set list, The Last Real Circus are coming into their own as an act. Listen now


good times bumpThe Mighty Good TimesThe Mighty Good Times are a 5-piece Rock n’ Roll/Americana band from Richmond, Va. After a wild, eleven-year run with his band People’s Blues of Richmond, Tim Beavers II decided it was time for a fresh start. Tim’s honest songwriting about his battles with love, loss, depression, and addiction have reached people in every corner of America and his rambunctious onstage antics have raised the bar for performers across the country. Listen now


Pebbles bumpPebbles PalacePebbles Palace is a group of multi-instrumentalists who put no barriers around what their sound can be. With every member jumping from one instrument to the next, the same group of five people can create an entirely new sound just with the swap of a guitar. Listen now




Prabir bumpPrabir TrioPrabir's evolution was catalyzed by music. Uprooted from his childhood home and transplanted to Richmond, Virginia, he fell in love with the guitar-driven sounds of the FM radio. Western music helped acclimate him to western ideals. It helped him understand his new world. Listen now




Iris bumpSincerely IrisIn 2013 Todd Murray (AKA Sincerely, Iris) received a unique gift for Christmas, a Homemade 4-String License Plate Guitar using Todd's old Colorado license plate. The first music birthed from this guitar was the album "License Plate Sessions" in 2014. A 6-song EP that almost exclusively used the oddball gift. Listen now



Space bumpSpace KoiSpace Koi is a 3 piece reggae/rock band that formed in 2016 and resides in Richmond, Virginia. Space Koi blends a variety of music genres that will entertain crowds of many musical tastes by combining modern reggae rock with blues and funk and performing all originals and fan favorite covers. Listen now




Tarrant bumpTarrantThe Richmond, VA band Tarrant is one of the leading lights on the city's burgeoning music scene thanks to their rollicking live shows and a sweetly simmering debut EP, Lazarus. This six-track authentic American roots rock album draws from deep stylistic sources. From contemporary flair to rock Americana, this album leads us into broader, deeper and more adventurous realms, buoyed by soulful Southern rhythms. Listen now


Vollten bumpMark VolltenA Trio from Virginia, Mark Vollten and the Scenic Roots play an eclectic mix of folk reggae. The band performs primarily original music written and recorded by Mark Vollten. Listen now