World Music

RVA's melting pot of cultures

Richmond, VA, embraces the vibrant and eclectic sounds of world music, creating a captivating and diverse music scene. The city's world music scene is a melting pot of cultures, where musicians infuse traditional rhythms and melodies with contemporary elements, resulting in unique and captivating fusions. From African drumming to Latin jazz and Indian classical music, the world music scene in Richmond celebrates diversity, promotes cross-cultural understanding, and takes listeners on a global sonic journey. To discover more about the extensive reach these musicians are making with their music, click any of the links below!

Afro zen bumpAfro-Zen AllstarsFusing jazz, funk and international musics, Richmond, Virginia’s Afro-Zen Allstars present compelling originals and new takes on classics of world jazz and global grooves. Led by a driving horn section, Afro-Zen deliver irresistible and exotic rhythms and melodies that take inspiration from groove-based music from around the globe. Listen now


Serenata bumpSerenata - Serenata features the voice of Anaís Alonso, Tony Corsano on guitars, voice, and percussion, and Bea Kelly on upright bass. Serenata provides a mix of salsa, son, bolero, cumbia, bachata, and merengue. This lively group presents Latin music in a warm and intimate setting. Listen now



Wolven bumpWolvenwindWolvenwind a Nordic folk/Ritual-ambient project from Northern Aesthetic exploring the soundscapes of Norse Pagan spirituality. Listen now





Yeni bumpYeni NostalgiThe group writes original music sung in Turkish by bandleader and founder Christina Marie. The band takes cues from a wide-range of vintage and contemporary influences, including the soundscape of 1960's Turkish and global pop radio. Listen now