Hip Hop

RVA's diverse voices

By sheer numbers, the hip hop scene in Richmond, VA is the most bountiful, housing dynamic and vibrant artists of all styles and ethos that are overflowing with creativity and raw talent. The hip-hop community fosters a supportive and collaborative atmosphere, with artists often collaborating and sharing stages in order to exhibit their lyrical prowess and rhythmic skills that express their unique stories. From introspective lyricism to high-energy performances, the hip hop scene in Richmond represents the city's diverse voices and amplifies the power of self-expression. It's a testament to the city's thriving musical culture and the transformative influence of hip hop. Check out some of the more notable MC's and producers by clicking the links below!

chance fisher bumpChance FischerIn a time where many rappers often limit themselves to empty metaphors and basic punch lines, Chance Fischer has established himself by delivering upper echelon lyricism. With a name derived from a combination of both ‘Chancellor’ and Bobby ‘Fischer’, it’s only natural that his narratives contain the methodical precision and planning similar to that of a chess player. Listen now


DJ Harrison bumpDj HarrisonDJ Harrison finds himself inspired by local musicians in the Richmond scene that’s as diverse and nonexclusive as they come. Among rappers, producers, punks and bluegrass bands, he falls within reach of an expansive pool of musicians to collaborate with. He lives and works in Jellowstone, a house turned recording compound occupied by his band mates in Butcher Brown, a “garage punk jazz funk” group. Listen now


Eliturite bumpElituriteEliturite is the rap alias of a man who lives in Richmond, VA. He co-founded HearRVA in 2020, which was always meant to help Richmond musicians, but the passion for digging into Richmond's music scene came from Eliturite trying to find out where he belonged. Listen now



radio bumpRadio BRadio B is a Southside, Richmond veteran Hip Hop artist, who has spent close to 20 years performing up and down the east coast, and helping to build the Richmond Hiphop culture in the city. Radio is responsible for creating platforms for artists such as RVA Rap Elite, Southpaw Battle Coalition, and Radio B & Friends, as well as AGM's Flag On The Moon annual concert series. Listen now