Classical Music

Timeless beauty

The classical music scene in Richmond, VA exudes a sense of cultural richness and artistic excellence. The city is home to renowned orchestras and ensembles, which bring world-class performances to performance spaces big and small in the area. From elegant recitals to captivating symphony performances, Richmond's classical music scene offers a diverse range of musical experiences. Audiences are treated to the masterpieces of legendary composers, as well as contemporary works that push the boundaries of classical expression. Richmond truly embraces the timeless beauty and intellectual depth of classical music. Click on any of the virtuosic artists below to learn more!

Classical Revolution bumpClassical Revolution RVA - wants to integrate classical music with Richmond’s vibrant music scene by taking it into local bars, restaurants, cafes, and galleries–places people are already going to hear live music. Their goal is to increase exposure and let the music speak for itself. They believe that there should be a buzz surrounding classical music, not a stigma. There are over 30 chapters of Classical Revolution worldwide. Listen now


Commonwealth Opera bumpCommonwealth Concert Operais dedicated to creating more opportunities for young and seasoned singers in Richmond and throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia, by performing great and varied works at a professional standard. They provide a venue for learning opera and Art Song repertory in a casual environment, with performance opportunities for artists across Virginia. Listen now


Magnelli bumpHannah Magnelli - is rapidly establishing herself as one of opera's brightest hopefuls. She is equally comfortable in opera, theatre, the concert hall, and the recording studio. She has worked with many great musicians such as Daniel Barenboim, Sebastian Weigle, Lauren Green, and Wolfgang Millgram. Listen now