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Richmond, VA, grooves to the soulful and captivating rhythms of its vibrant R&B music scene. From velvety smooth vocals to irresistible grooves, the city's R&B artists captivate audiences with their heartfelt melodies and memorable performances. The tender and emotive R&B scene embraces the rich traditions of the genre while infusing it with contemporary flair, finding plenty of fusion and collaboration with other scenes while still keeping in line with the storied framework. Whether it's sultry ballads or infectious up-tempo tracks, the R&B music scene in Richmond creates an intimate connection with listeners, evoking emotions and inspiring movement on the dance floor. Find out more about some of Richmond’s most captivating R&B performers by clicking the links below!

Ant bumpANT The SymbolAnt The Symbol is a Richmond, Va.-based music producer. He skillfully uses his roots in hip-hop and eclectic musical tastes to create musical experiences that transcend genre boundaries. In his 17-year career, Ant has worked with many artists, including Chuck D of Public Enemy, DJ Harrison, and Nickelus F. His modus operandi is to curate artistic projects that will excite and affect everyone they reach for decades to come. Listen now


Jewel Booker bumpJewell Booker - Jewell is a vocalist, songwriter, motivational speaker, and personality that has opened for major recording artists and who has performed at numerous events. As a singer, she shares LIFE MUSIC from a Christian perspective. Jewell has a personal story of focusing all of her energy on loving and serving Jesus while having a desire for marriage and relationships. Listen now


Jailyn bumpJaylin BrownAll the sweetness of Spring. A singer songwriter & musician hailing Richmond, Va, Ms. Jaylin Brown aims to capture your heart with songs of love. The influence of neo-soul and jazz in combination with her classical training, allows her to carry you atop her melodies with ease. Listen now


Corey bumpCorey ElSongwriter, producer, singer Corey El handcrafts multidimensional songs that sparkle with contagious melodies, playful beats and razor-sharp lyrics. Each of his originals is an auditory time capsule that plunges listeners into his own memories and experiences, energized by the very essence of life: self-discovery; love and daring to let one’s own authentic colors shine. Listen now


Ingramettes bumpLegendary IngramettesSix decades of music, an African-American gospel quintet founded by Maggie Ingram as a way to keep her family together through hardship, and taken up by her daughter Almeta Ingram-Miller as a way to continue Maggie’s legacy. A live show from The Legendary Ingramettes is a house-rocking affair, with audiences literally getting whipped to a gospel fervor! Listen now


Stith bumpRodney StithRodney "The Soul Singer" Stith is an American Soul Singer, songwriter and producer from Petersburg, Virginia. His powerful urban retro-soul brings back the soulful sound of the old classic rhythm and blues. He comes across with a smooth edge mellow on the mind yet powerful enough to stir new emotion with each note. Listen now


Vybehouse bump

Vybehouse: Founded in 2018, with the vision of creating a young premiere band in Richmond, VA that would allow today’s generation to experience music on a deeper level, The Vibe House was created. While, the incorporation of musical friends, and the enthusiasm of the audience create the atmosphere (Vybe). Since their inception, VybeHouse has played on many stages across the state of Virginia. Listen now