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Things to do in the Richmond Region

(Note: There’s a lot)

Break out your pen (or smartphone), list-maker. It’s time to make your RVA game plan. 

For starters, get to know Richmond’s outdoors. This region is a great big outdoor playground. Whether you want to take a slow bike ride by the river down the Virginia Capital Trail, or take on the class III and IV rapids of the James (which go right through downtown, by the way) – the Richmond region will get your heart pumping.

Check out our arts scene, too. Between street murals, galleries, the VMFA and the Institute for Contemporary Art, you’ll feel our creative culture everywhere. And of course, you’ll want to take some notes from our Eat section, and find out why we’ve been named one of the best foodie towns in America. Sample your way through the Richmond Beer Trail and you’ll quickly understand why we’ve earned acclaim as an international destination for craft beer.

The Richmond region has about a million stories, from “Give me liberty or give me death” to “Jefferson designed the Capitol and lived there” to “Let’s go check out GWAR Bar.” We’re walkable. We’re dog-friendly. We’re everyone-friendly. 

If you have kids, let’s wear them out with days full of romps through parks, petting zoos, roller coasters and hands-on museums. If you’re a shopper, come with extra room in your suitcase or trunk, because RVA has everything from high-end national retailers to one-of-a-kind local boutiques. If you have a pack of friends who need a getaway, or a significant other you want to surprise, or just a great big wish to see something cool and different, bring it. Scroll down, read on, and let’s do Richmond.

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