The Richmond Music Scene

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For decades, the music scene in Richmond, VA has been a hotbed for creative expression. Dozens of concert venues, annual festivals, and countless recording studios and labels have all helped establish Virginia's capital as a welcoming environment for musicians as well as a rewarding destination for music lovers. RVA has nurtured numerous talented artists and bands over the years from GWAR and D’Angelo to Avail and Lamb Of God. Today, artists like Lucy Dacus, Jason Mraz, and No BS! Brass help extend Richmond’s reach across the globe.

Richmond’s music scene boasts a wide array of genres, each contributing to the city’s vibrant musical tapestry. Classical and jazz, blues and funk, rock and pop, hip-hop and R&B, folk and singer-songwriters, and country and world music all thrive around the Richmond region. You can learn more about the wonderful bands and artists making captivating music by clicking any of the links below.

Want a hands-on experience in RVA's music scene?  Check out the Richmond Music Trail.